RF Power Amplifiers, RF MEMS Filters and Reconfigurable Antennas for Wireless, Mobile and Satellite Communications


INNOINSPIRE designs energy efficient RF power amplifiers, RF MEMS filters and reconfigurable antennas. The design aim is to reduce the energy consumption, and carbon emission for public safety.


INNOINSPIRE will provide solutions for growing technology and integration challenges from RF front-end perspective including environmentally friendly power amplifiers, RF MEMES Filters and Tunable Antennas. Energy conservation must be a design objectively at the forefront of any system design from the network layer, to the physical and the microelectronic counterparts. In fact, the energy bill of a future device is dominated by the energy consumption of the RF hardware, and in particular the RF front end design. If we can take measures to reduce the energy consumption and electromagnetic radiation of the RF front-end device, then this would provide one significant step towards harmonizing with green initiatives that are driven by 3GPP standardization community in order to promote more energy efficient designs

Fearless Innovation

INNOINSPIRE will offer practical key requirements and specifications for RF front end amplification and filtering includes in particular multi-standard multi mode capable devices (mobile phones or base station).