Company Overview

InnoInspire (II) is a company with a business plan directed towards developing new innovative solutions for wireless, mobile and satellite communications, E-health & life sciences and IT & networks. II currently offers consultancy services for key stakeholders in the mobile industry; II have demonstrated in practical use-cases for small patch antennas for sensor for clinical applications and breast cancer dictation. II have demonstrated in practical use-cases to reduce significantly energy bill for mobile operators whilst increasing the battery lifetime for handset vendors. We currently offer competence on six key areas:

  • Patch Antennas design for medical diagnostic and rehabilitation,
  • radio resource management for LTE/LTE-A,
  • RF front-end design,
  • network management protocols,
  • software services
  • web applications
Fearless Innovation

We also provide solutions for growing technology and integration challenges from RF front-end perspective including environmentally friendly power amplifiers, RF MEMES Filters and Reconfigurable Antennas. InnoInspire consultants have over 10 years experience in mobile communications research, leading key international research projects in the CORDIS seventh framework program, and national projects for QREN and FCT.