RF MEMS Filters for Wireless, Mobile and Satellite Communications

The RF MEMS Filters design, is about RF MEMS technology and IC trends towards miniaturization. RF-MEMS is a key enabling technology for reconfigurable radio front ends that promises new paradigms in RF systems, because it will enable superior functionality, integration and performance, will help with size reduction, and offers very good linearity, low power consumption and potential low cost manufacturing over a variety of substrate.

RF MEMS filters depend also on their mechanical properties and can be integrated and fabricated in batch directly. All our RF MEMS filters are designed using RF MEMS components and are classified according to their actuation method (piezoelectric, electro-thermal, electro-static, magneto-static), clamp configuration (fixed-fixed beam, cantilever), circuit configuration (series, shunt), axis of deflection (vertical, lateral) and contact interface (ohmic, capacitive). The tuning of the RF MEMS filter is achieved with a variable MEMS capacitor, the capacitance of which changes with applied dc voltage.

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