Software & Web Agency


INNOINSPIRE provides software and design services. The aim is to be a one-stop source of complete and reliable solutions for our partners.


We apply modern lean methodologies and combine competencies in Software Engineering, Quality Assurance and Technology Operations to constantly reduce risks of delays and dissatisfaction. We expect changes in the customer requirements also while works are in progress and encourage frequent communication with clients and among programmers. We strive for simplicity and clarity in code, modularization, flexibility and safety. Our mantra is to deploy solutions as if these were for us to use. We take care also of implicit needs and non-functional requirements, such as: accessibility, long-term maintainability, disaster recovery, testability, resilience and so forth. Integrating existing libraries and frameworks with our own competence, we can provide services in a wide range of fields: web-application; websites and hosting; networking; P2P; big data, artificial intelligence; multimedia, graphic design and much more.

Fearless Innovation