Wireless sensor networks (WSNs)

Sensor Network Application Domains

  • Smart Environment
  • Smart Materials
  • Smart E-health & Life Sciences
  • IT & Networks
  • Ultra Low Power Communication
  • Communication Modules


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) can connect lots of wireless smart sensors. Sensors may freely move that lead to dynamic topology. These sensors have a wide range of capabilities in terms of resources such as memory, battery power, bandwidth, and processing power. Though we need much more smart and effective sensors that are very small, cheap, energy efficient, and autonomous.

Fearless Innovation

Energy consumption of the sensor is an important design metric for wireless sensor systems. InnoInspire will limit the energy consumption of such sensors by designing their operating mechanisms and system level architectures to achieve energy efficient transceivers.

For transmitting the sensed information it is required a Wi-Fi connection between the sensor and the nearest access point, which acts as a gateway by forwarding the aggregated sensed information to the system’s central entity/server.

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