Antennas for Wireless, Mobile and Satellite Communications


The Antennas design, is about reconfigurable antennas, which exhibit many advantages over their traditional counterparts. InnoInspire’s antenna can support multiple functions at multiple frequency bands. This will significantly reduce the hardware size and cost, and will increase the antenna bandwidth and gain.

InnoInspire tunable band notched antennas.

A new approach in the design of wide band antennas with band notched characteristic is integrated with the active devices in the antenna structure in order to enable the band-suppression characteristics.


This InnoInspire antennas has a significant advantage over fixed rejected frequency antennas since the notch frequency band can be altered after the antenna fabricated as well as low power consumption.


InnoInspire provides integration challenges from the sensor perspective including the design of micro-strip patch antennas and explore the use of transparent and flexible wideband/ultra wideband antennas mounted on fabric, metallic and other materials.

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